GROUND Garden Beds - Various Size/colors/materials

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Multiple raised garden beds displayed. Units sold separately.


Is there a way to garden without breaking your back? Tired of getting down on your hands and knees and spending hours weeding? Gardening just became more comfortable why?  It's custom designed to bring the garden up to you!  Providing the opportunity to garden standing upright or as most people now elect to do is to sit in a chair having their legs rest  comfortably underneath the bed.

Grow your favorite vegetables, fruits, herbs and tomatoes organically 32" off the ground.  This keeps most small critters unable to eat your delicious bounty. 

The garden bed can be used indoors or outside.  I recommend using raised garden soil mixture to maximize yield.  However w/accessories it can become a self watering garden, hydroponic or with two or more units an aquaponic garden.  


Garden bed sets up is less than 10 minutes! Only a Philips head screwdriver is needed. It's maintenance free! It's worry free! A nice addition to every home.  Add 1 to your cart now. Thanks.